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We protect the nature against further pollution, reducing the volume of textile waste, which otherwise would be disposed on waste dumps or in incineration plants.

Contamination caused by textile industry in figures

CzechFibre Ltd. was established in 2005 as a company specialised in textile waste disposal. In 2019, company´s ownership structure was changed, with subsequent merger. Continuing the history, the new management has tied up to company´s long-term experience in processing textiles, further developing business contacts with the companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In order to keep up with the pressure of other industrial sectors on maximum utilisation of production materials, minimizing waste and using recycled and regenerated raw materials we co-operate with many significant  suppliers, particularly in automotive and building industry sectors. We develop the products and process waste materials upon individual requirements of our business partners. By ongoing improvement of processing the fibres, we strive to make the quality and parameters of our recycled fibres as similar as possible to those of primary textile fibres.

The textile industry is the second biggest polluter of our planet and also the second biggest water consumer

It generates


of all
waste waters


of CO2 emissions

Each year

microfibres are released
into seas and oceans

Each year


of manufactured clothes
end at waste dumps

Feel free to contact us, we can protect together the nature against further pollution and help you cut your production costs.

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